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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Stars Were Created for Our Sake

 Gemara Brachot 32b says:

"But Zion said, The Lord hath forsaken me, and the Lord hath forgotten me. Is not forsaken the same as forgotten? Resh Lakish said: The community of Israel said before the Holy One, blessed be He: Sovereign of the Universe, when a man takes a second wife after his first, he still remembers the deeds of the first. Thou hast both forsaken and forgotten me! The Holy One, blessed be He, answered her: My daughter, twelve constellations have I created in the firmament, and for each constellation have I created thirty hosts, and for each host I have created thirty legions, and for each legion I have created thirty cohorts, and for each cohort I have created thirty maniples, and for each maniple I have created thirty camps, and to each camp I have attached three hundred and sixty-five thousand myriads of stars, corresponding to the days of the solar year, and all of them I have created only for thy sake, and thou sayest, Thou hast forgotten me and forsaken me! Can a woman forsake her suckling child?"

This passage in the Talmud (Gemara, Tractate Brachot) is a beautiful illustration of how very exact HaShem, Creator of Heaven and Earth, is in His care of His creation. He created ALL of creation for the sake of Israel, including the stars in the sky - which were configured in a unique and particular way at the year, month, day, hour, time and place that YOU were born.

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