Lorelai Kude

Lorelai Kude is a Torah-based astrologer, writer and multimedia communicator, recently arrived in Berkeley, California after 7 years of living in Jerusalem, Israel.

She began her interest in astrology in the early 70's when she first read Linda Goodman's "Sun Signs." Quickly realizing that there was some truth there but with big gaps in-between, Lorelai relentlessly pursued (Mars in Scorpio) her knowledge of astrology by reading every source she could lay her hands on and doing charts for her family, friends and anyone she met.

Over the years Lorelai has done literally thousands of charts and collected statistics on behaviors and modalities of those charts she's followed for a lifetime, adding to her ability to spot "markers" for certain predispositions that she finds common throughout the diverse personalities she's had the pleasure of working with over the last 30-something years of practice.

When moving to Jerusalem from Southern California in 2007, Lorelai began studying Torah in-depth with some of Jerusalem's best teachers and rabbis, and subsequently was moved to begin learning Torah-based astrology from the works of M. Glazerson ("Above the Zodiac"), Nechama Sarah Nadborny ("The Twelve Dimensions of Israel"), the Zohar, the Sefer Yetzirah, and other classical Hebrew sources.

Using Torah-based symbols, meanings and attributions in astrological analysis has added a deep dimension of transcendent healing to her practice, and has closed the loop opened so many years ago when astrology first "twinkled" at her from in-between the pages of a book.

"The planets, asteroids and mathematical symbols we use in astrology are outer manifestations of an inner reality - reflective, not causative, each of whose very essence was created by the Holy One, Blessed Be His Holy Name, as a lens or filter through which specific energies are focused, prism-like, upon all Creation - and we humans are part of that very Creation too," - Lorelai

It's very true that it is said the Jewish People are "above the Zodiac," that they have no "Mazal" and are under the exclusive sovereign control of HaShem. At the same time, Jews ARE subject to the natural laws of this world just as all other creatures - a Jew is just as subject to the law of gravity as anyone else, for instance. Torah-based Reflective Rectification Astrology is a tool for the Jewish neshama (soul) to identify the GIFTS, the TOOLS, the ATTRIBUTES that he/she was gifted with by HaShem at birth and how to USE them to grow in a good and healthy way.

Rabbinical approbations are available upon request. Email: lorelaikude@yahoo.com

J the Jewish Weekly of Northern California's brief profile of "AstroloJew" - Lorelai Kude
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Thursday, July 31, 2014 |

Talking with … An astrologer who mixes in Torah

by abra cohen

Name: Lorelai Kude
Age: 56
City: Berkeley
Vocation: Torah astrologer

J.: You’ve been an astrologer for more than four decades. How did you get involved?
Lorelai Kude: I got into astrology in ’71 or ’72 when I read Linda Goodman’s “Sun Signs.” When I started learning about astrology, I was very interested in how patterns added up. Astrology is not just a sun sign; it’s about how the planets in all the houses relate to each other. So I started doing all my friends’ astrological charts. This was back in the day when you had to calculate a chart by hand using a compass and a protractor!
Lorelai Kude
Lorelai Kude
J.: How did Torah become part of your astrological readings? LK: Before I started learning Torah, I always read the Tanakh. That’s always been my book of choice, even before I became observant. I noticed in the Tanakh that in the Book of Numbers Chap. 2, the 12 tribes were arranged just like the 12 signs of the zodiac, because each tribe is associated with a month. It was like a big light went off in my head when I figured out a connection between Torah and astrology. I thought, “This is really good,” so I developed “reflective rectification astrological analysis.” I look at someone’s charts and teach them about their wiring systems and the unique journey of their soul.

J.: Have you run into any skeptics in the observant Jewish community because you combine Torah and astrology?
LK: Of course I’ve met a lot of people who said I can’t do astrology because it is against the Torah. But I’ve countered, “How could it be?” It’s so obviously from the Torah. I went through several years of getting sources from the Torah, Talmud and other rabbinic writing. There are many places in the Torah, and elsewhere, where it says that HaShem created the stars and heavens as energetic lenses.

Have you convinced any skeptics?
LK: Yes, I’ve managed to win over all but a really small handful. I’ve had rabbinic approval from trusted Orthodox rabbis and done astrology for them and their families. Everyone who knows me, knows I do holy work.

J.: You recently moved back to the Bay Area after making aliyah in 2007. What brought you back?
LK: My daughter had twin boys and lives in Oakland. I overcame many obstacles and achieved my dream of living in Israel, but I wanted to be around my grandkids. I’m the only one who is observant and fanatical about Israel in my family. My kids were already grown when I made aliyah and no one was interested in living there. I’m learning what it’s like to survive your own dream come true. What’s my next dream?

While you were living in Israel, you went back and forth between Jerusalem and Tsfat. What were you doing there?
LK: At first I was settling into the land and peeling off layers of the onion. People move to Israel with expectations about how life should be, and then Israel schools you. It gives you a lesson. I also went to ulpan [intensive study of Hebrew] very unsuccessfully. I am one of the most famous ulpan dropouts. I have been dropping out of kita alef [the first stage of ulpan] since 1974!

You also started a radio station?
LK: Yes, in 2009, I co-founded Radio Free Nachlaot. We used to broadcast from the Nachlaot neighborhood in Jerusalem. It’s an Internet radio station with music, talk and Torah. We say it’s where Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach meets Jerry Garcia. We have listeners in 93 countries and broadcast 24/6. We are on the air every day except Shabbat and chagim [Jewish holidays]. I just started an astrology show this month.

J.: How would you describe your religious affiliation?
LK: I was raised Reform, but my dad says that I’m now a “kippie,” which is a kosher hippie. I keep Shabbat and kashrut and self-identity as Orthodox, but I’m not haredi. I don’t like the word “Orthodox” per se, because it means so many things to so many people. I like to say I’m a regular Jew.