So, You Want to be an Astrologer? Beginning Astrology Classes with Lorelai Kude (“Astrolojew”)

So, You Want to be an Astrologer? Beginning Astrology Classes with Lorelai Kude (“Astrolojew”)

12 Classes (August 12th - November 18th, 2018)

The successful completion of this 12-week course will equip students in the basics of astrology and the Jewish and Kabbalistic astrological methods, as developed by Lorelai Kude (“Astrolojew”), during 35+ years of professional practice. At the end of the course, participants will be able to read and understand their own personal natal chart and will possess the skills to begin reading the charts of other people. Students will gain valuable insights and “best practices” for their own careers in astrology.

Tuition for the 12-week course is $360.

Classes will be held online in an interactive digital environment (Zoom or Google Hangouts, still to be determined).

Contact for details about the curriculum and to register.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius - Welcome The Beloved Stranger

Full Moon in Sagittarius, Lunar Eclipse 7:10am Israel time on Shabbos Day (Saturday). 

Communicative Gemini Sun's opposition to Wandering Philosopher Sagittarius Moon is temporarily blocked by the EARTH (that's what makes the Lunar Eclipse), with illusion-enhancing Neptune making a hard Square to both Sun and Moon in mystical Pisces. Strict Saturn in seething, scheming Scorpio is Semi-Sextiling the Lunar Eclipse. All this happening during Parsha Behaalotecha. 

What does this mean in English? EVERYBODY'S TALKING, NOBODY'S LISTENING, Egos, Super-Egos and Ids and each of their Evil Twins are causing numbing static, unless we can stop our internal and external chatter we can't hear the heart of the "Other," who is really our Shadow Self that we've created by rejecting what's too scary for us to own. 

Aaron lighting the Menorah brings Divine light into our intellect, the Pillar of Cloud by day obscures the searing, judgmental heat, and the Pillar of Fire by night illuminates the darkness with hope. Manna falls for us every day. 

Are we going to COMPLAIN about what we DON'T have or are we going to be thankful for what we DO have and make the most of it? Will we use our words to hurt or to heal? Will we give the "Other" the benefit of the doubt, a good eye, a spoonful of merit or will we automatically reject whatever isn't "us"? 

Wishing ALL of us Divine Light, mercy, hope and a positive attitude towards ourselves and others. Self-awareness sweetens judgement and invites rectification.