Monday, December 2, 2013


ALERT - The Planet Mars will be transiting through the Sign of Libra for 8 months! 

December 8th, 2013 - July 27, 2014, Mars (the Planet associated with the Tribe of Yehuda and the Hebrew Month of Nissan) will be in the Sign of it's "Detriment," Libra (Associated with the Planet Venus/Noga and the Tribe of Ephraim). Mars will be traveling back and forth (Direct and Retrograde) in the Sign of Libra for the longest time in recent history (the last 15 Mars cycles have lasted anywhere from two months to three weeks in duration). This is going to be a long transit!

"CONFLICTS (Mars) WITH OTHERS (Libra)" ... Yes it's obvious that Mars is aggressive, but did you know Libra, the Cardinal (Initiating) Air Sign is known as "the iron hand in the velvet glove" and that Libra is intensively interested in having its own way - nicely, of course, politely if possible, but emphatically so.

Aries/Mars is about the individual, Libra/Venus is about the relationship of the individual with others. Conflicts with others are unavoidable, but how to handle them in the most enlightened way - that gets tricky. Especially for Libra, who hates confrontation and uses diplomacy - or if that fails, outright manipulation - to fight.

Is it any wonder Libra is known as the Sign of the "Detriment" of the Planet Mars? Mars is forced to "play nice," while Libra is forced to deal with uncomfortable feelings of anger and conflict. It can be a confusing time.

Sun-Sign Libras, and especially those with their Natal Mars in Libra, and those with multiple Planets in Libra would be well-advised to order my "MARS IN LIBRA 2013-2014 REPORT," personalized for YOUR individual natal chart.

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