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Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Mini Moon" / Wolf Moon / Tu b'Shvat / Full Moon

The "Mini-Moon," the first Full Moon of 2014, the Full Moon of the Month of Shvat - Tu b'Shvat 5774.

A "Mini Moon" when the Moon reaches its apogee – or its further point from Earth in its orbit.

This will be the closest a full moon has been to its exact time of apogee since November 1994, and will not be as close again until 2052.

The Native and Indigenous Peoples of North America call this phenomenon a "Wolf Moon," because the wolves howl with hunger at the Full Moon that climaxes the Winter months.

Issues of abundance, scarcity, provision, protection, security and stability are at the forefront of the Chart for the "Mini Moon."

Some years in the 19 year Hebrew Calendar Cycle find Tu b'Shvat falls on Capricorn/Cancer (Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Cancer), other years it falls in Aquarius/Leo. This year the Capricorn/Cancer dynamic is a powerful archetype for control of security, resources, provision, and all that manifests as the material or "gashmi" aspects of sustainable life.

Power Struggles between our values and what we value. Encouraging erratic, abrupt and headstrong dynamics with passive-aggressive opponents who hold the resources won't yield fruitful results. Find common ground in concerns about security and what that really means on a day-to-day level - home, food, family, relationships - and stop distracting yourself from facing the "Tachlis" reality by chasing after shadows that aren't really there - especially when there are real shadows to be dealt with, right in your own backyard.

The real shadows to be wrestled with are mistrust, miscommunication, powerfully controlling agendas controlled by fear, rigidity and entrenched belief systems.

Let the common ground of Mother Nature and Father Time be a place to invite the "other" to dance - Let the humanitarian, human race-loving energy of Shvat flow like the "Glee," the bucket that the Water-Bearer brings to "Shower the people you love with love, show them the way that you feel - things are gonna get much better if you only will...."

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