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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Chodesh Elul Tov! Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

  1. Chodesh Elul Tov!!! Virgo/Elul is so important it even got it's own Israeli stamp - gevaldt!
    The Hebrew Month of Elul is associated with the Tribe of Gad. Gad was the 7th Son of Jacob, the first-born of his mother Zilpah (Leah's handmaiden).

    "Gad" is, according to Rashi, a shorthand for "Mazal Tov" ("good fortune") deriving from a root meaning cut/divide, in the sense of divided out. 
    Virgo/Elul is the opposite of Adar/Pisces in the Cycle of Sacred Time as illustrated by the Jewish Year/Hebrew Calendar. In Adar/Pisces everything dissolves and we drink "ad lo yodeah", until we can't tell the difference between one thing and another.
    The Mazal (Zodiac Sign) of Elul is Virgo, whose function in the Zodiac is indeed to divide, portion out, separate, analyze, discern and decide whether or not something is simply wonderful fluff or something actual useful. Will it serve? Then it can stay. If not, it has to be put aside. 

    Virgo is the action of "borer" - separating, sorting - which we are forbidden to do on Shabbat. Elul is when we organize, analyze, and "sort out" our lives prior to Rosh HaShanah.  

    The Transformative (Mutable) Earth Sign, Virgo enables us to change our Tachlis, bottom-line reality by showing us in the cool, clear light of the Harvest Moon what things we've accumulated that will serve our growth and development, and what things we've carried forward that are impeding us, and need to be discarded.

    Cleaning out the closets of our lives, finding stuff that we're carrying around that no longer serves us, lightening our load, purifying our head-space and our heart-space is the work best suited to the Month of Elul.

    During Elul we say: "The King is in the Field". Perhaps no other Month is the "King" as obviously accessible to us, energetically - for if "the King is in the Field" and so are we, He is right there with us to help us with the challenging task of knowing what to hold on to and what we must let go of.

    Chodesh Elul Tov, happy sorting, cleaning and preparing for Rosh HaShanah, and don't try to do it all yourself - let "The King" help you out!
     EVERYBODY had Virgo in their personalized natal charts... in fact, everybody has all 12 Zodiac Signs in their charts. Where Virgo is in your chart depends on your Ascendent (Rising Sign). To find out about how this plays out in your life and in what areas you need to let Virgo's "clean up crew" remodel your cosmic clutter, be in touch with me. 
    Chodesh Elul Tov!

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