Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Israeli Elections May Depend on What Happens This Friday

I really want to write about the upcoming Israeli election from an astrological / Astrolojew-ish point of view, but I don't want to be alarmist or scare anyone. The outcome of the election will depend largely on what happens on or around this Friday, March 13th. The waning Last Quarter Moon at 22 Sagittarius will be in the same position as it was the night of June 12th, 2014, when the three Israeli students Eyal, Gilad and Naftali OBM were kidnapped and murdered. The events of the night of June 12th, 2014 set into motion what would become the Gaza War. 

The position of the Sun/Moon in June 2014 (with attendant Planetary angles) indicated religious extremism gone wild, propaganda, misinformation, the distortion and hiding of facts that were later revealed, and dogmatic belief systems reinforced by social pressure (on all sides). 

The position of the Sun/Moon this coming Friday, March 13th (with attendant Planetary angles) indicates the same religious extremism gone wild, with exaggerated and enhanced paranoia, delusional perceptions of what constitutes "peace", "negotiations", "compromise", etc., hidden agendas by powerful people, and the deliberate spread of misinformation in the attempt to stir up fear (fear that may be well-founded, with an extra side order of super-sized fear served with it).
I would very calmly and without hysteria caution my friends and loved ones in Israel to use great caution and conservatism in travel on Thursday and Friday of this week. I would most definitely caution against tremping at this time, and also against spending time in vulnerable outdoors areas. I would be extra alert in travel conveyances such as buses, trains, cars, etc. 

If nothing at all happens on Thursday/Friday/Saturday of this week (and I HOPE AND PRAY nothing will!!!!) then the election next week simply comes down to one thing: Bibi or Anyone But Bibi. If something does happen that increases security fears, Likud will definitely win.
The problem with the other political "Anyone but Bibi" parties is that they're all reactionary instead of initiating. That is, they are all reactive against the status quo but not original or initiating any kind of new, vital, viable, sustainable platform that will address the real problems in Israel (poverty, economy, systemic racism, religious hegemony, environmental woes) without sacrificing national security.
That's my take on the whole Megillah. I desperately hope I'm wrong, wrong, wrong about the potential dangers of this coming Thursday/Friday/Saturday. 

Pictured below are the Charts of Israel with Transits from last June 12th and Israel with Transits for this coming Friday.

Next week I will share Bibi's chart with Transits for the election, with Israel's Transit chart for the election, with analysis.

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