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Monday, August 13, 2018

Omarosa and Trump: When Narcissists Collide

I knew this picture of me and Omarosa Manigault, taken at the 2004 Democratic Convention in Boston, would come in handy one day. Today's the day when a 14 year old selfie-worthy random celebrity citing can be used as click bait to draw readers to examine the natal chart of Omarosa, currently in the news for secretly recording conversations in the White House during her tenure as Communications Director. We'll also look at a Synastry Chart between Omarosa and Donald Trump, and try to understand their weird relationship and what each of them got out of it before it went irreparably sour. 

Omarosa has an interesting natal chart. Her Libra Rising gives her charm, made all the more powerful by Pluto conjunct her Ascendant. Venus, her chart ruler (remember the ruling planet of any natal chart is the ruler of the zodiac sign on the Ascendant) in Capricorn in her 4th House reveals a practical, materialistic, luxury-loving individual who, while tending to conceal her true feelings as well as the truly personal aspects of her life, nevertheless requires the spotlight - Moon in Leo in her 10th House, which is the astrological signature for emotional need to be in the public eye. This aspect also makes her a performer, an actor, and with Pluto conjunct her Libra Rising, a power-seeker. 

The tight stellium in her 7th House in Aries of Asteroid Lilith, Chiron, Vertex and Parts of Fortune symbolizes the aggressive (Aries) nature of her relationships with others. She is either perceived as the aggressive, "pushy" one - or, the other in the relationship embodies those qualities. Having marketed herself as a villain during her Reality Television rise, she leveraged her natural powers to rise higher and higher, despite being "fired" a number of times from these television scenarios. I write "fired" in air quotes because what might be perceived as setbacks by outside observers are only "career segues" to this ambitious woman. Her incredibly persistent Mars in Taurus in her 8th House (shared values/valuables/resources/intimacies) does not recognize the concept of failure, and will endure far beyond the current scandal. Don't cry for her now, Argentina. 

This woman is a true survivor. But is she a liar?

Illusion-making Neptune in 3rd House Sagittarius makes a supportive Trine to her 7th House stellium, distorting (Neptune) communication (3rd House) to fit the agenda of the "partner" (7th House). Neptune in the 3rd House is also a signature for, shall we say, someone with tremendous dreams and/or a tremendous imagination. Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius adds the exaggeration factor (nobody with a 3rd House in Sagittarius gets through 24 hours without superlatives). Being a people-pleasing control freak drama queen aspiring celebrity isn't a crime. Neither is being a spin doctor, or a chronic exaggerator. But when the day comes when a personality such as this wants to be taken seriously and believed for telling the truth, it should come as no surprise that the media is skeptical. Mercury in Neptune-ruled Pisces in her 5th House of creativity squares her 3rd House Neptune in Sagittarius. Let's remember that in Classical Astrology, Jupiter is the co-ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces. This understanding flavors her Mercury placement, both by Sign and by House, as one which has a fluid understanding of "truth" and "reality" - fluid because it changes according to her need for power (Pluto conjunct AC in Libra). Libra is sometimes called "the iron fist in the velvet glove," and not for naught. Beauty, charm, diplomacy, persuasiveness, likeability, "niceness" - all these tools are wielded with great power by this compelling personality, all the while her Aries stellium across the way in her 7th House broadcasting the subtext of her energy, which reads: "I'm out to get you, because A) You hurt me (Chiron in Aries), B) Getting you gets me paid (Parts of Fortune in 7th House), C) I know I always make the same self-defeating mistakes but I'm going to do it anyway (Vertex conjunct Parts of Fortune and Chiron), and D) I'm going to play the victim / female card to prove to the world that it's all your fault, not mine (Asteroid Lilith conjunct Chiron, Vertex and Parts of Fortune in 7th House).

So - how does someone like Omarosa end up with a mentor like Donald Trump? And what does he get out of a relationship with a person like Omarosa?
 This Synastry chart between Omarosa and Trump reveals a really crazy mutual need. The first thing we notice is Trump's Neptune (his planet of illusion/delusion) is conjunct Omarosa's Pluto! This clearly indicates that he does not have any actual gauge on the reality of their relationship (ironic, as they're initially related because of "reality" television show!). Her Pluto craves power, and his Neptune promises (hints, intimates, teases, etc.) what she desires. His Asteroid Ceres is conjunct her Sun in Aquarius.  Ceres indicates a parental role - it's the archetype of the mother who literally goes to hell and back to save her daughter. Ceres is where we act as a "savior" and nurturer. Clearly Donald Trump felt, for good reason, that Omarosa was his protege and his "child" who he rescued from obscurity (public anonymity being equivalent to "hell" for both Trump and Omarosa, both limelight seekers). 
Trump's Venus in Cancer is exactly opposite Omarosa's Venus in Capricorn. Trump may indeed feel actually hurt at Omarosa's betrayal, as this aspect reveals that, in a weird way, Trump felt he was her "father" - he "begat" her as a celebrity - without him, she'd never have made it on to television - at least that's how he perceives it.  When his illusion-making Neptune moves aside long enough for him to glimpse reality (which is a rare occurrence), he grasps that while he believed himself to be acting magnanimously towards Omarosa by employing her, she was using him for her own advancement. This hurts him even though he was using her for his own advancement, as his trophy negro (is that a term?), the token African-American female ("a two-fer!") in Trump's very white White House.

Finally, the not-close but still relevant conjunction of Omarosa's natal Saturn in Gemini with Trump's natal Sun in Gemini gives us a glimpse of perhaps the weirdest part of their dynamic: Omarosa's role as a teacher/tutor/"elder" to Trump. Despite the obvious opposite dynamics (she's a younger black woman, he's an older white man), his relationship with Omarosa gave Trump the feeling of being taught or tutored in some way by her. Did he feel he was getting a crash course in Black America by making her one of his White House entourage?

Perhaps the biggest difference between Trump's lies and Omarosa's habitual distortion of truth to fit whatever benefits her current situation requires is that Trump is completely convinced his lies are truth, and Omarosa isn't that stupid.  

When two celebrity narcissists battle it out in public as to who is the bigger liar, the only winners here are the astrologers, who can spend hours pick apart this overblown tempest in a tea pot. I'm sure other astrologers are writing their takes on this right now as well. But how many of them have a picture of themselves with Omarosa? Oh yeah, just me - because (full disclosure) I too have a natal Moon in Leo in my 10th House (conjunct Uranus), and I know a little something about spotlight-seeking. :)

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