Saturday, March 8, 2014

Go With The Flow - But Where Are You Going? And What Will You Do When You Get There?

It's been a big week for WATER SIGNS!

It's common Kaballistic knowledge that the 12 Signs of the Zodiac correspond to the 12 Months of the Hebrew Calendar as well as the 12 Tribes of Israel. We're currently almost halfway through the Month of Adar (actually, the SECOND Month of Adar, as this Hebrew Year of 5774 is a Leap Year, necessitating the addition of an extra Adar).

Adar corresponds with Pisces, the Mutable/Transformative Water Sign. There is nothing more "watery" than Pisces, their symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions, seemingly oblivious of each others presence.
Pisces urges us to "go with the flow" more than any other Zodiac Sign, and both the "modern" Planetary Ruler of Pisces - the Planet Neptune, and the "traditional" Planetary Ruler of Pisces - the Planet Jupiter - encourage us to DREAM BIG.

This week the Planet Saturn ("Shabtai" in Hebrew, the same root as the word "Shabbat") stationed Retrograde in the Fixed/Establishing Water Sign of Scorpio. Saturn brings structure, boundaries, borders, edges, organization and the "Gevurah" energy as a counterpoint to the Sun in Pisces. Saturn in Scorpio asks: "Go with the Flow? Where are we going? How will we get there, and who is paying for the trip? What are we going to be doing once we get there?"
This week the Planet Jupiter ("Tzedik" in Hebrew, the same root as the word "Tzadik" meaning "righteous person") stationed Direct in the Cardinal/Initiating Water Sign of Cancer. Jupiter expands everything it touches, and Jupiter in Cancer expands the energy of nurturing, growth, security, and ambition. Jupiter in Cancer chimes in chorus with Saturn in Scorpio - "Go with the Flow? Trust the Flow if it's sustainable, positive, nurturing and true to your heart!"
This Trine of Triple Water energies in the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter create a real energetic opportunity to change in sensible, sustainable and structured ways that can be positive, growth-oriented and bring light into this world. Use that energy for good!

Everybody has a natal chart, with all 12 Signs represented. If you're reading this and wondering where the Water Sign Trine is happening in your chart, and how it relates to you personally, please be in touch.
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