So, You Want to be an Astrologer? Beginning Astrology Classes with Lorelai Kude (“Astrolojew”)

So, You Want to be an Astrologer? Beginning Astrology Classes with Lorelai Kude (“Astrolojew”)

12 Classes (August 12th - November 18th, 2018)

The successful completion of this 12-week course will equip students in the basics of astrology and the Jewish and Kabbalistic astrological methods, as developed by Lorelai Kude (“Astrolojew”), during 35+ years of professional practice. At the end of the course, participants will be able to read and understand their own personal natal chart and will possess the skills to begin reading the charts of other people. Students will gain valuable insights and “best practices” for their own careers in astrology.

Tuition for the 12-week course is $360.

Classes will be held online in an interactive digital environment (Zoom or Google Hangouts, still to be determined).

Contact for details about the curriculum and to register.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Take The Great Leap!

"Great Leap" by Jane Evershed
From Shavuot to the 17th of Tammuz is a very unusual time of year, I like to call it "The Great Leap".

Energetically we've come as far as we can on the momentum of the progressive holiday cycle, and we've been shot out of a cannon at Shavuot - we're FLYING, leaping over a 42 day period of "empty" time that we must fill with everything we've learned, everything we've become, all our realized potentiality, until we run up against the constrictive energy of "The 3 Weeks" (17 Tammuz-9 Av). 

What we do with our time NOW will have everything to do with how we experience the 3 Weeks, followed by Tu b'Av, Elul Zman, and then of course Rosh HaShannah 5776. You now have EVERYTHING you've worked on developing in your soul since last Rosh Hashanah. USE IT OR LOSE IT! Take the Great Leap!

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