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Sunday, February 28, 2016

2016 Mars Retrograde - It's Gonna Be A Killer!

#‎Election2016‬ The ‪#‎Mars‬ ‪#‎Retrograde‬ of 2016, which will profoundly affect ‪#‎America‬ because the whole thing is happening in America's 12th House (where everything "falls apart"!) actually BEGAN its process on 7 Adar I / February 16th at 23 Scorpio. 

7 Adar was Moshe Rabbaynu's Birthday AND Yartzeit. The Parsha was Tetzevah, in which HaShem appoints spiritual leadership for His people.

On 18 Nissan / April 17, Mars will begin its Retrograde period at 9 Sagittarius, and travel all the way "back" to 23 Scorpio (Moshe's bday/yartzeit), then "return" back to 9 Sagittarius. That is the week of Pesach. We experience the "Or Ganuz", the Original Light of Redemption at this time.

Mars Retrograde continues through 23 Tammuz / June 29th. This is also the time the Democratic Nominating Convention (DNC) rolls around (July 25-29th in Philadelphia). The Parsha is Matot, in which Reuven, Gad and half the Tribe of Menashe ask to stay on the other side of the Jordan, where it was always "Summertime, and the living is easy". Moshe OK's this exception to G*d's original plan with the condition that the "Galut" Tribes would promise to come to the defense of the Tribes who inhabited Eretz Yisrael.

Mars goes Direct on June 29th and finally returns to 9 Sagittarius where it all began on 18 Av / 22 August - Parsha Ekev - the "blessings" portion of "The Blessings and Curses".

This entire Mars Retrograde period begins with Moshe Rabbaynu and ends with the blessings. In between there's going to be a lot of turmoil, trauma, drama, treachery and betrayal, fanaticism, scare tactics, dogmatic extremism, back room dealings, back stabbing both literal and figurative. 

America's 12th House is where all the unconscious/subconscious projections happen. Expect "The Other" to be vilified even beyond current inflated bogeymen. 

In Israel's Natal Chart, the Mars Retrograde happens in Israel's 1st House ("Personality", ego, public persona, "mask") and 2nd House (values, possessions, material world, land, real estate). Expect a lot of MARS (aggression) directed at Israel during that time and over these particular issues. 

Expect ALL the leading US Presidential Candidates to put the pressure to Israel in regard to "Settlements" and Land issues during this transit.

The most dangerous time period during the entire Retrograde will be May 28-30, Memorial Day Weekend - Parshat Bechukotai) / Lag B'Omer, where Mars will be Retrograding over 29 Scorpio, the "Ultimate" / "Critical" Degree of Scorpio - the same Degree Mars will be in during "Super Tuesday"'s US Primary Elections.
29 Degrees Scorpio in America's 12th House is a recipe for deceit, possible election fraud, or G*d forbid violence or even death. The Parsha for the week of Super Tuesday is Vayakhel.


(Pictured: US Sibley Chart for 2016 Election Day with Transits, and Modern State of Israel's Natal Chart with Transits for 2016 US Election Day )

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