So, You Want to be an Astrologer? Beginning Astrology Classes with Lorelai Kude (“Astrolojew”)

So, You Want to be an Astrologer? Beginning Astrology Classes with Lorelai Kude (“Astrolojew”)

12 Classes (August 12th - November 18th, 2018)

The successful completion of this 12-week course will equip students in the basics of astrology and the Jewish and Kabbalistic astrological methods, as developed by Lorelai Kude (“Astrolojew”), during 35+ years of professional practice. At the end of the course, participants will be able to read and understand their own personal natal chart and will possess the skills to begin reading the charts of other people. Students will gain valuable insights and “best practices” for their own careers in astrology.

Tuition for the 12-week course is $360.

Classes will be held online in an interactive digital environment (Zoom or Google Hangouts, still to be determined).

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Where Are We In Sacred Space/Time?

Panel from "Vayikra" by Barbara Mendes  
We are currently in the 19th year of the current 19 year Metonic Cycle. This year (5776) is the final year of the 304th Metonic Cycle since "Creation".

To know where you are in Sacred Space/Time: Divide the Jewish Year number (5776) by 19 and find the remainder. 5776 divided by 19 is 304 with no remainder.

This year (5776), which followed the Shmitta year, SHOULD have been a "Yovel" ("Jubilee") year, if the majority of Jews world-wide had been living in Israel.

Nobody knows what the "magic number" is, and how many Jews (by one!) it will take to create a numerical majority in Eretz Yisrael. We only know it's CLOSE. 

We missed this opportunity for "Yovel". Will we miss the next one? That's in the year 5828 (which begins September 20, 2066). 

Meanwhile: We've got the tikkun of 5776 to deal with. Clearly (from an AstroloJewish point of view) the Eclipses / Blood Moons of the previous Passover/Sukkot cycles which climaxed with the Solar Eclipse on Rosh HaShanna 5776 and the Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon on Sukkot 5776 were "signs in the heavens" and a signal to announce a specific new phase in our common energetic reality. Immediately the theme of this new phase became clear, as the "Stabbing Intifada" began in Israel on Erev Rosh HaShanah itself. The shocking, brazen increase in violence and terror which began in September 2015 (the start of the year 5776) is the sign/signal that the "birthpangs" we're feeling are moving from the "Transition" phase of labor to the fully effaced, "Pushing" stage.

How many "Pushes" will it take to birth this new reality? How painful does it have to be?

Each of us, in our own way, contributes to the aggregate energetic life-force moving the world in the direction in which it's going. 

Each of us, in our own way, has our own private and public sphere of influence - starting with our own hearts, minds, and bodies - and reaching to the furthest reach of every relationship we have in life, with family, friends, colleagues and strangers. 

"The Butterfly Effect" begins INSIDE us.

If we don't change, the world won't change. Please G*d that we should change IN TIME. 

- Lorelai Kude ("AstroloJew")

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