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Friday, June 22, 2018

Melania Trump's Conservative Rebellion

Melania Trump, birth time unknown, w/Transits
Warning: Birth time unknown: This chart's Ascendant and therefore the positions of all 12 Houses and the planets therein unknown. What CAN we know about #Melania #Trump just from the planets, asteroids & theoretical mathematical symbols we use in astrology? 

Transiting Uranus, the planet of surprises / the unexpected / erratic behavior / "hiddushim" (Divinely revealed ideas) / instability, has moved into Taurus, making a conjunction to Melania's natal asteroid Admetos, symbol of entrenched stubbornness in the already ultra-stubborn sign of Taurus, as well as her natal Sun in Taurus. Uranus literally "shakes things up," especially the status-quo. 

Melania has a lot of conservative-tending planets, making her surprisingly traditional (notwithstanding her stint in the skin game). Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus all in solid, practical, Venus-ruled, pleasure-loving Taurus, and Moon in practical, materialistic Capricorn. So it takes something BIG, really really big, to move her from her comfort zone. 

Today transiting Venus in Leo and Mars in Aquarius form a tight T-Square to her natal Sun/Saturn in Taurus. Transiting Jupiter in Scorpio makes that T-Square into a Grand Cross. There is literally so much internal pressure built up inside of her that she's rigidly suppressed, and unless some of it is released it's going to be Hiroshima, mon amour. At least that's what we're all hoping for - a mushroom cloud of rage directed at her husband. We all desire to partake vicariously - I'll admit it. But do the stars compel? No, they REFLECT - and this is the reflection of Melania's reality right now.

Some little leakage on that front today, as she's wearing an "I Don't Care, Do You?" jacket on her unannounced fact-finding visit to the Texas/Mexico border. "I Don't Care" is clearly a message Donald Trump had better get, loud and clear, unless he wants to find himself in the embarrassing (if indeed he is capable of such an emotion) position of being publicly outed by his wife for any number of potentially horrifying things (the mind boggles). In answer to her jacket's question - hell no, we don't care and we're here for you whenever you jump ship with Barron. An entire nation is ready and waiting to catch you and your child!

Melania wears a message to her husband on her back

Of course, wonderful as that would be, I don't actually expect it to happen. But the great thing about the current planetary transits on her natal chart (and his) is the unexpected does occur, and you never know when!

The other really prominent thing about her chart is the close Ceres/Chiron conjunction in Aries. Ceres is the "Earth Mother" who will go literally to hell and back to save her child, and Chiron is the "Wounded Healer". In Aries this is a trigger for violence (Aries) against children (her own, other children, or herself as a child). When I see that in the chart of a client, I usually ask if there was childhood trauma or violence, and there usually was. Not knowing which of her 12 Houses this conjunction falls in, I can't guess where that "Wounded Healer" around issues of children and the mother/child relationship instinct plays out or originates.

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