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Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Gemini Exchange and The (Leo Sun, Taurus Moon) Winklevoss Brothers

"Birth" Chart of the Gemini Exchange
I just spent the morning (for which I was well-paid) answering the question "What do you think about the name “Gemini” for the cryptocurrency exchange founded by identical twin brothers, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss?" for an astrological client of mine.

My initial reaction was: Why would anyone name a cryptocurrency fund after a Mercury-ruled constellation? Isn’t “mercurial” the last adjective anyone would want to associate with investing? My secondary reaction was: Of course, they named it “Gemini” because they’re identical twins and they know nothing about astrology. 

My client asked me to take a closer look into the natal charts of the Gemini Exchange and the charts of the Winklevoss twins themselves. 

What I found was that while "Gemini" may be a vanity moniker for their digital currency exchange platform, undoubtedly the twins themselves know nothing about astrology. However, there is something they do know a lot about: how to source expert information. After looking at their charts and the chart of the company, it would be impossible to believe that the Winklevoss twins did NOT employ the services of an expert astrologer when they launched the Gemini Exchange.

I won't go into the entire minutely-detailed astrological explanation here and now, especially since the research I did was on my client's proverbial dime (although I suspect he will encourage me to publish my findings after he makes whatever business decision he ends up making). All I can say with full assurance here and now are three things:

1 ) The Winklevoss Twins are not Geminis. They're Leos with Moon in Taurus, with the same "wealth signature" in their chart as Mick Jagger, Sergey Brin and Bill Clinton. 

2 ) They're going to make a shitload of actual, real money for themselves with their Gemini Exchange platform. Whether those who invest in Gemini to build wealth get the same deal or not will depend if they keep their profits in digital or analogue form during the early 2020's.

3 ) Digital Currency won't buy bread and milk when the power grid is disrupted or destroyed. Just sayin'.

Thanks to my good-humored (legitimately "rich" in every way) astrology client who made my morning both profitable and fun, and has signed off on this "share" because, as he says, "the little people deserve to know, even if they can't play with the big boys." (He's a Capricorn - no surprise!) :)

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