Monday, September 7, 2015

Tikkun Adar

It's 23 Elul, Tikkun Adar, we're halfway through Tikkun HaChodeshim and only 6 days from Rosh HaShanah!

During Tikkun Adar we're fixing our belief. We look at what we believed in this past Adar (February 19 - March 20th, 2015) and where our faith might have sprung a few leaks. Adar isn't about dogma and it's not about doctrine - it's about pure faith, starting with faith in one's own self. How many times have we let ourselves down by not believing in ourselves when we really needed it the most? 

At Purim during Chodesh Adar, we drink "ad lo yodeah", until we don't know, can't tell the difference between Mordechai and Haman (between our "light" and our "shadow" selves). We can fix our broken belief when we get to "ad lo yodeah" - beyond "knowing", into the realm of pure faith. 

Believe in yourself because G*d believes in you. Don't give up on yourself because G*d hasn't given up on you. Keep on going "ad lo yodeah", no matter what, until you can't tell the difference between "you" and G*d's illuminating spirit within you. Because - truth - there's no difference. That spark of Divinity IS "you". 

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