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So, You Want to be an Astrologer? Beginning Astrology Classes with Lorelai Kude (“Astrolojew”)

So, You Want to be an Astrologer? Beginning Astrology Classes with Lorelai Kude (“Astrolojew”)

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The successful completion of this 12-part course will equip students in the basics of astrology and the Jewish and Kabbalistic astrological methods, as developed by Lorelai Kude (“Astrolojew”), during 35+ years of professional practice. At the end of the course, participants will be able to read and understand their own personal natal chart and will possess the skills to begin reading the charts of other people. Students will gain valuable insights and “best practices” for their own careers in astrology.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tikkun Iyar

25 Elul, "Tikkun Iyar". The last time Iyar was upon us (April 19 - May 18, 2015), we were counting the Sefirot haOmer. Does that seem like a long time ago? Or just yesterday?

Iyar is connected to Taurus, the Fixed Earth ("Establishing Manifestation") sign, and the Tribe of Issachar. Were you taking the opportunity to build yourself up last time around? How have you manifested what you laid the foundation for during this last Iyar? If manifesting the reality you've built from the ground up is eluding you, reflect on where you may have missed a step or two. Take the time for a do-over, if the do-over will make the foundation of what you're building in your life stronger and more secure. 

Issachar is said to be the Tribe of Torah Scholars. Nobody ever got to be a Chocham by skipping steps or calling in their performance. Take the time to shore up your foundation so you can build something worth keeping.That's what "fixing manifestation" is all about.

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