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Jewish Astrological Insights into 5783 With “Astrolojew” Lorelai Kude

Jewish Astrological Insights into 5783  With “Astrolojew” Lorelai Kude
Jewish Astrological Insights into 5783 With “Astrolojew” Lorelai Kude Monday October 24 / 29 Tishrei 5783 12 Noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 10pm Israel time This 90 minute presentation will be recorded. All who register will receive the recording link. Join “Astrolojew”, Lorelai Kude, for a deep dive into the astrology of the Jewish Year 5783, and the solar year of 2023. We will examine our place in the 19-year calendrical cycle, how we progressing as the “Pey” (80’s ) decade unfolds, and the secret of “Gimel” and Jupiter / Tzedek in relation to this year. We will also look at an overview of the upcoming planetary motions throughout the rest of 2022 and all of 2023, the eclipse cycles, significant transits, the shift of the Lunar Node cycle from Taurus/Scorpio to Aries/Libra, and other celestial phenomena in relation to the State of Israel, the United States, and our current cultural crisis.
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Unity: Armageddon's Antidote

The Jewish Year balances upon the East/West axis of Nissan and Tishrei, Yehudah and Ephraim. The two Full Moon Festivals – Pesach and Sukkot – lie directly opposite each other in the Jewish Year, balancing the Nissan/Yehuda/Aries/Mars energy with the Tishrei/Ephraim/Libra/Venus energy.

The Haftarah for Shabbos Chol haMoed Sukkot is Ezekiel 38:18–39:16. “Gog v’Magog”, aka “Armageddon”. Directly across the Jewish Year, the Haftarah for Shabbos Chol haMoed Pesach is Ezekiel 37:1–17, the “Valley of Dry Bones”, in which the prophet is told to take two sticks – one for Yehuda and one for Ephraim – and they became “one together” in his hand. 

The resurrection power which is the unity of Yehuda and Ephraim is positioned directly across the Jewish Year from Gog v’Magog, the “End of the World”, Armageddon, the final battle. Need this apocalyptic vision be literally fulfilled? Not if unity within the Jewish people is achieved BEFORE all hell literally breaks loose.

Unity is the antidote to just about everything that ails us, and lack of unity the reason for most of our woes. Unity will literally bring us back to life as a whole people, unity is what can withstand any external pressure.

Blessings to everyone, everywhere, to see each other with eyes of love, to seek unity, and together may we have a supernaturally sweet, uplifting, restorative and refreshing Shabbos Chol haMoed Sukkot – and may those places in our hearts which seems to have withered and died be brought back to life!
The Jewish Year