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Sunday, October 30, 2016

America's Toxic Soul-Sickness and the 2016 Election

Transits for November 8, 2016 reveal more about what's ailing America The Beautiful than they do about which of the two deeply troubling candidates might win the election. Pictured here is the USA's natal chart with transits for election day, as well as the natal charts of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump, each with transits for election day as well (Natal positions within the chart circle in black, Transiting positions outside the chart circle in green).

The pain that we're all feeling is Transiting Uranus conjunct Natal Chiron at 19/20 Aries in America's 4th House - our national sense of "home and family". What a poignant illustration of the violent wrenching and rending of our collective identity as an American "family" which is currently the theme of the social and political unrest giving our country shpilkes in our common genektagazoyk.

Chiron is "The Wounded Healer". Chiron's backstory is that he was punished for his compassion by being given a wound that would never heal, and the only relief he could experience was by healing the pain of others. "The Wounded Healer" in America's natal chart is in Aries - ruled by Mars, god of War, aggression, violence. Positioned in our 4th House, it tells of the violent birth of our nation. The wound is in the place of our birth - and Uranus, symbolizing our sense of "uniqueness" and "individuality", transiting through Aries at this time, is conjunct (at the same degree) our natal Chiron. Uranus is also erratic, unpredictable, irregular, unstable, and prone to lightening-flash illumination (on the instantaneous intuitive level of "Binah") and one of the functions of Uranus is to shake someone/something out of complacency. There's no rest with Uranus until you've fixed whatever is broken - and Uranus won't let the status quo emerge until what's gone "wrong" is righted. 

Natal Chiron in Aries in America's 4th House is the violent family origin of the United States, violence done to the Native Americans during our conception and violence done to African slaves and their descendants during our birth. Uranus pressing down on that point in our national chart is the urgent demand for enlightenment and change, coming at a most crucial time.

This position does NOT favor the status quo, and there's nobody more status quo running in the election than Hillary Clinton. This aspect expresses the deepest sense of the injustice of our wound of origin, and demands acknowledgement. Without acknowledgement there is no path to healing - there is just more violence, unrest and dissatisfaction. Another aspect working against Clinton in the USA's natal chart is the Asteroid Vesta (the "Ideal Wife" - or as I like to say, "Betty Crocker in a push-up bra") at 20 Libra in America's 10th (most public) House - DIRECTLY OPPOSITE America's natal Chiron in Aries and Transiting Uranus. America has a Mommy Issue. Nobody personifies that more than Hillary Clinton. She won't be the "Betty Crocker in a push-up bra" kind of public female figure (10th House) we as Americans demand and expect from our female leaders. Americans who feel betrayed or disappointed in their own mothers will take their hostilities out on Clinton at the ballot box - this is illustrated by the Uranus/Chiron transit located in her 5th House (children). America's Inner Child is wounded and that means trouble for Mommy figures.

Interestingly, the rise in popularity of Donald Trump has a lot to do with the xenophobia he expresses on behalf of America. This is because the Uranus/Chiron transit happens in Trump's 9th House ("Foreigners"). Trump's ability to trigger overtly racist aggression in his followers is supported by his natal Mars in Leo, conjunct his Ascendant, which makes a trine (a supportive angle) to the Uranus/Chiron transit in the USA's chart. Trump embodies our collective anger and aggression against the "other", whom we blame for our own woes.

Transiting Jupiter (the Ruling Planet of the USA's Natal Chart because we have Sagittarius Rising, and Jupiter is the Planetary Ruler of Sagittarius) is conjunct America's natal Saturn in Libra on Election Day. Anything Jupiter touches, it EXPANDS. Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Libra is JUSTICE. What is fair, what is right, what is equitable for all parties involved, what is truly "fair and balanced", the very image of the blindfolded woman holding the scales of justice in her hand. This energy is in America's 10th House (public, career, vocation, ambition) opposing the Uranus/Chiron in Aries conjunction in the 4th House (home and nuclear family). It's possible to see Clinton as the archetypal "mother" in the Libra/Venus/10th House urging idealism / justice / fairness opposite Chiron/Uranus in Aries urging offense as the best defense against fear of impending chaos. 

Diagnostically speaking, America has trust and secrecy issues (11th House - the community, collective, claal - in Scorpio) and Hillary Clinton's own Scorpio cluster-bomb in her own 12th House (secrets) make it impossible for her to convince the collective mind of America that she isn't hiding something - something they perceive with their own Wounded Inner Child as being "theirs" and not "hers" to keep private. Clinton's own sensitive, easily wounded Moon in Pisces is so hidden deep within her own natal 4th House that nobody except her family & inner circle of "family-like" friends will ever see it. Externally she's the Queen of Scorpionic Self Control. Anyone who watched the Presidential Debates had to marvel at how she didn't roll her eyes at Trump, not even ONCE - a superhuman display of steely nerves and actually the very quality you'd think Americans would value in the person whose finger would be on the nuclear trigger button. But America can't really trust her because she conforms to the subconscious archetype of the secretive, scheming woman in the American collective unconscious. 

America's natal Sun in Cancer (on America's 7th/8th House cusp: "Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free air") squares Transiting Jupiter conjunct Natal Saturn in Libra in America's 10th House (it's our BUSINESS to be fair, just, and righteous - it's our JOB). Unacknowledged and unrepented-for violence against others which accompanied our birth as a nation and our initial growth lurks in our family of origin background, and triggered by transiting Uranus in Aries, manifests as a demand for change - and social chaos is the price we are paying by ignoring that demand. The kind of "change" being offered by Trump is Devolution, "Make America Great Again" a code phrase for an era that, like the Confederate South, is no more. "Look for it only in books, for it is no more than a dream remembered. A Civilization gone with the wind".  On the other hand, the change offered by Clinton is essentially no change at all - and America isn't in the mood to extend for four to eight more years a status quo already untenable to at least half the voting population. 

HRC Natal Chart w/Transits, Election Day
The Moon will be in idealistic Aquarius on Election Day - usually a rational, reasonable day motionlessly (Moon = Emotional Self), although by early evening out West the Moon will have moved into emotional, sensitive (paranoid, psychic, porous) Pisces.  Last-minute undecided voters may be more swayed by humanitarian and universalist (Aquarius) instincts when they show up to the polls. 

Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio-Pisces, and it will be Scorpio-Pisces when the election is called, within 24 hours of the closing polls. It will be her astrological birthday, and she'll be expecting a gift - the trust of the American people. 
Trump Natal Chart w/Transits, Election Day

The transiting North Node in Virgo is in Donald Trump's First House on Election Day. His sense of "karma" or fated-ness of his election is strong, enhanced by transiting Jupiter in his 2nd House conjunct his natal Asteroid Juno AND his natal Chiron - he values (2nd House) beauty (Libra), submissive sexy and physically perfect wives (Juno) and his original wound (Chiron) is in this area (as if we couldn't see that front and center in how he treats and relates to women). Transiting Jupiter is making him that way BIGLY.  The entire Scorpio transit (Sun, Black Moon Lilith, Mercury) happens in his 3rd House (communication). He'll be badmouthing Hillary (Mercury in Scorpio, 3rd House) and using her femininity (Black Moon Lilith) as a "scare tactic" in the days leading up to and including Election Day. Transiting Venus conjuncts Trump's natal Moon in Sagittarius (and opposes his natal Sun in Gemini) in the days before the Election, giving him unexpected "cover", possibly via the women in his family. 

So - which candidate will WIN the election? This will depend on America's collective fear factor. The more fear, the more chance Trump has of winning. The more "Mommy Issues", the more chance Trump has of winning. The more a feeling of "there has to be a change and we just don't care what kind of a change, as long as it's different", the more chance Trump has of winning. The LESS fear and the more idealism, hope, and pragmatic, rational sensibility prevailing on Election Day, the more chance Clinton has of winning. Either way, the winner of the election MUST address America's toxic soul-sickness or that sickness will be the death of our Democracy - quite literally. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton: The Ultimate Scorpio

#HRC Hillary Rodham Clinton s a Scorpio with her Moon in Pisces. Everyone who has described her has emphasized her Scorpionic traits: persistence, intensity, laser-like focus, long memory, loyalty, the passionate pursuit of that which is desired. 

Scorpios are also private, even secretive. When they speak about her compassion, empathy, lifelong advocacy, concern and care for children, they're talking about her tender Moon in Pisces, hidden way down in her 4th House, the most private place in her Natal Chart. Even if she wanted to - even if she used her mighty Mars in Leo ("fight" might be the most used word in her vocabulary: "I fought" / "I'll fight", etc.), she still couldn't succeed in exposing us, the public, to her most private emotions. 

Trump also has Mars in Leo. He's a "fighter" as well - but he fights for himself and his ego (Mars conjunct his Leo Rising). 

Everything people hate about her can be found in her 12th House. Sun, Chiron, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, in the place of subconscious/unconscious, hidden enemies, secrets, confinements, dissolving of ego boundaries. Her intensity is seen as obsession, her focus as devouring greed, her sacrifice as selfishness. Impossible to NOT be misunderstood with a 12th House like this - also impossible not to be underestimated.

President Obama said of her: "She was doing everything I was doing, but like Ginger Rogers: backwards and in heels!"

The public may never really "know" Hillary, but for 40 years she's been the big screen for our collective projections (Neptune in Libra in her 11th House). We may never "know" her, she may never satisfy our curiosity. If she cries we'll call her weak, if she doesn't weep we'll call her cold-hearted. What's important about her chart and the way she's intrinsically wired is that she will NEVER give up. She just isn't capable of it.

When she addresses the DNC Thursday, July 28th in Philadelphia, the Moon will be in her 7th House by the time she steps onstage to make her acceptance speech. She will try to be all things to all people. Transiting Mars conjunct her natal 1st House Jupiter will expand her toughness. Transiting Jupiter in Virgo in her 10th House will enlarge her public image as rational and analytical, but opposes her tender (yes, tender) Moon in Pisces, "hidden" in her 4th House, where only her most intimate friends and family ever see it. Ironically, it's what America wants to see from her - will she give us a peek, or will her famous Scorpio Rising privacy fetish hold fast? 

Transiting Sun in Leo squares her natal Scorpio Sun, challenging her to rise to peak performance level and embrace the drama, making it her own. Transiting Venus in Leo conjunct her natal Saturn in her 9th House (AND squaring her natal Mercury) would vote for dressing the part - maybe something with a subliminal paramilitary theme, like Cersi's coronation dress in Game of Thrones. :) 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sivan - Time to Sail the Seven Seas

Chodesh ‪#‎Sivan‬ Tov!

Sivan is the month in which we receive both the ‪#‎Torah‬ and the ‪#‎Ger‬, the righteous convert whose soul makes Claal Yisrael shalem (complete). Ruth the Moabitess, the great-grandmother of King David (whose birthday and yartzeit we commemorate on ‪#‎Shavuot‬) is the archetype of the righteous convert. ‪#‎Zevulon‬, the Tribe associated with the Month of Sivan and the "mazal" (Zodiac sign) of ‪#‎Gemini‬, travels by sea to gather up and bring back home the riches of other lands and peoples, in order to bless his family.

We too must "travel by sea", cross borders and boundaries, cultures and comfort zones, to find those treasures and bring them "home" to our own hearts and souls, to enrich and make whole that which is lacking. 

Sivan/Gemini's Planet is ‪#‎Mercury‬ ("Kochav"), ruler of both written and oral communication - apt indeed for the month Torah was given at Mt. Sinai.
(Pictured: "Zevulon" by Linette Joel)

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Harnessing the Spiritual Power of Ramadan

Ramadan always begins on a New Moon / Rosh Chodesh  of the Jewish Calendar (Head of the Month). This year (2016), Ramadan begins on Rosh Chodesh Sivan, as it did in 1951, 1952, 1953, 1984, 1985, and as it will occur in 2017 and 2018 as well.
The Islamic calendar is a lunar system, and the annual occurrence of the month of Ramadan runs on an approximate 32 year cycle varying as to which Hebrew month it falls in, throughout the years, decades, centuries. Unlike the Hebrew solar/lunar calendar, the Islamic calendar has no feast or fast that must fall in a certain season (as we do with the Month of Nissan, Chodesh Aviv, which the Torah mandates must start in the Spring). 

The Sons of Ishmael enact great spiritual power during the fast of Ramadan. Their zealous devotion in fasting from sunrise to sunset during the entire month of Ramadan functions to stimulate, trigger and if needs be, to provoke the Jewish people, cousins of the descendants of Ishmael, to desire and even envy the Muslim level of devotion, surrender and commitment, stimulating us as we seek to emulate, and indeed, exceed it. 
The area we need to renew our commitment and passion in is indicated by the month Ramadan falls in each year. Last year (2015), Ramadan fell on Rosh Chodesh Tammuz. During Tammuz years, we look at our patriarch Reuven, to which Tammuz corresponds.  
The tikkun of Reuven had to do with filial duty, and proper care for parents. The Jewish people were being provoked by our Ishmalite cousins to do tshuva this past year in the "Chodesh Tammuz" in the areas in our life, where respect and responsibility to our parents and elders are concerned.  
 Were we successful? How did last year go for us (for you, for me, for us as a community) in terms of "Kavod Av v'Am"?
 This year Ramadan begins on Rosh Chodesh Sivan. Sivan is the month during which we're given the Torah (Shavuot is the Chag which falls on the 5th/6th day of Chodesh Sivan). Sivan is associated with the Tribe of Zevulon, the Planet Mercury ("Cochav") and the function of Mutable Air - Transformative Thought.

Zevulon traveled the Mediterranean in ships, interacting and trading and conversing (Mercury / Gemini) with all the peoples and societies around ancient Israel, in order to bring back riches - both spiritual and material - with which to bless and support his brother-tribe, Issachar (those whose time was given to wisdom-learning, such as the Seasons & Times, and Torah study).

An important aspect of Chodesh Sivan is that of the "Ger", the righteous convert, the soul which enters Claal Yisrael to complete the fullness of our common soul-root.  Ruth the Moabitess is the soul associated with Shavuot, and as she is the archetype / soul root of all righteous converts, she is also the great-grandmother of King David, prototype Messiah and King of the Jews. The story of Ruth, who married Boaz and gave birth to Oved, who was the father of Jesse, the father of David, is read during Shavuot. King David, David the "Sweet Singer of Israel", beloved of the Lord, was born and died on Shavuot. 
The tikkun which Ramadan will trigger for us in 2016 is the test of how we treat the convert, how we relate to the one who desires to draw close for the sake of the blessings of belonging. Those who imagine themselves to be righteous in Torah will be challenged to experience transformative thought in relation to the convert. Indeed, anyone who falls outside our ghetto-mind will come under the category of "other" - and we are challenged as a People to transform our thought towards the "other" until we can see the "other" contains something we ourselves cannot be complete without! Just as the Jewish People were not complete until Ruth came to add her spiritual DNA to the mix, producing MOSHIACH in archetype - King David himself - Ramadan during Sivan years challenge us to SEEK that which is MISSING in our Claal, so that we all might be complete and shalem, whole. 
Just as the Hebrew Calendar and the Jewish Year is the manifestation of Sacred Time, our cousins have been given the Islamic Calendar to know the times and the seasons they are to enact their devotions, which are intended to arouse us to a purer and more passionate response to our own spiritual calling. It is a dance of devotion between root souls - Isaac and Ishmael, both sons of Avraham - and in the end, the time of one is the time of both and the time of both is the time of All.

To contemplate / meditate upon which Hebrew Month Ramadan has fallen in since 1930, I present the following data:

Ramadan in Nissan - 1957, 1958, 1989, 1990, 1991
Ramadan in Iyar - 1954, 1955, 1956, 1986, 1987, 1988, 2019, 2020, 2021
Ramadan in Sivan - 1951, 1952, 1953, 1984, 1985, 2016, 2017, 2018 
Ramadan in Tammuz - 1948, 1949, 1950, 1981, 1982, 1983, 2014, 2015 
Ramadan in Av - 1946, 1947, 1979, 1980, 2011, 2012, 2013 
Ramadan in Elul - 1943, 1944, 1945, 1976, 1977, 1978, 2008, 2009, 2010 
Ramadan in Tishrei (Rosh HaShanah) - 1940, 1941, 1942, 1973, 1974, 1975, 2005, 2006, 2007 
Ramadan in Cheshvan - 1938, 1939, 1970, 1971, 1972, 2003, 2004 
Ramadan in Kislev - 1935, 1936, 1937, 1967, 1967, 1969, 2000, 2001, 2002 
Ramadan in Tevet -  1933, 1934, 1966, 1998, 1999 
Ramadan in Shvat - 1930, 1931, 1932, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1996, 1997 
Ramadan in Adar (I and II) - 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995


Friday, March 18, 2016

Where Are We In Sacred Space/Time?

Panel from "Vayikra" by Barbara Mendes  
We are currently in the 19th year of the current 19 year Metonic Cycle. This year (5776) is the final year of the 304th Metonic Cycle since "Creation".

To know where you are in Sacred Space/Time: Divide the Jewish Year number (5776) by 19 and find the remainder. 5776 divided by 19 is 304 with no remainder.

This year (5776), which followed the Shmitta year, SHOULD have been a "Yovel" ("Jubilee") year, if the majority of Jews world-wide had been living in Israel.

Nobody knows what the "magic number" is, and how many Jews (by one!) it will take to create a numerical majority in Eretz Yisrael. We only know it's CLOSE. 

We missed this opportunity for "Yovel". Will we miss the next one? That's in the year 5828 (which begins September 20, 2066). 

Meanwhile: We've got the tikkun of 5776 to deal with. Clearly (from an AstroloJewish point of view) the Eclipses / Blood Moons of the previous Passover/Sukkot cycles which climaxed with the Solar Eclipse on Rosh HaShanna 5776 and the Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon on Sukkot 5776 were "signs in the heavens" and a signal to announce a specific new phase in our common energetic reality. Immediately the theme of this new phase became clear, as the "Stabbing Intifada" began in Israel on Erev Rosh HaShanah itself. The shocking, brazen increase in violence and terror which began in September 2015 (the start of the year 5776) is the sign/signal that the "birthpangs" we're feeling are moving from the "Transition" phase of labor to the fully effaced, "Pushing" stage.

How many "Pushes" will it take to birth this new reality? How painful does it have to be?

Each of us, in our own way, contributes to the aggregate energetic life-force moving the world in the direction in which it's going. 

Each of us, in our own way, has our own private and public sphere of influence - starting with our own hearts, minds, and bodies - and reaching to the furthest reach of every relationship we have in life, with family, friends, colleagues and strangers. 

"The Butterfly Effect" begins INSIDE us.

If we don't change, the world won't change. Please G*d that we should change IN TIME. 

- Lorelai Kude ("AstroloJew")

Sunday, February 28, 2016

2016 Mars Retrograde - It's Gonna Be A Killer!

#‎Election2016‬ The ‪#‎Mars‬ ‪#‎Retrograde‬ of 2016, which will profoundly affect ‪#‎America‬ because the whole thing is happening in America's 12th House (where everything "falls apart"!) actually BEGAN its process on 7 Adar I / February 16th at 23 Scorpio. 

7 Adar was Moshe Rabbaynu's Birthday AND Yartzeit. The Parsha was Tetzevah, in which HaShem appoints spiritual leadership for His people.

On 18 Nissan / April 17, Mars will begin its Retrograde period at 9 Sagittarius, and travel all the way "back" to 23 Scorpio (Moshe's bday/yartzeit), then "return" back to 9 Sagittarius. That is the week of Pesach. We experience the "Or Ganuz", the Original Light of Redemption at this time.

Mars Retrograde continues through 23 Tammuz / June 29th. This is also the time the Democratic Nominating Convention (DNC) rolls around (July 25-29th in Philadelphia). The Parsha is Matot, in which Reuven, Gad and half the Tribe of Menashe ask to stay on the other side of the Jordan, where it was always "Summertime, and the living is easy". Moshe OK's this exception to G*d's original plan with the condition that the "Galut" Tribes would promise to come to the defense of the Tribes who inhabited Eretz Yisrael.

Mars goes Direct on June 29th and finally returns to 9 Sagittarius where it all began on 18 Av / 22 August - Parsha Ekev - the "blessings" portion of "The Blessings and Curses".

This entire Mars Retrograde period begins with Moshe Rabbaynu and ends with the blessings. In between there's going to be a lot of turmoil, trauma, drama, treachery and betrayal, fanaticism, scare tactics, dogmatic extremism, back room dealings, back stabbing both literal and figurative. 

America's 12th House is where all the unconscious/subconscious projections happen. Expect "The Other" to be vilified even beyond current inflated bogeymen. 

In Israel's Natal Chart, the Mars Retrograde happens in Israel's 1st House ("Personality", ego, public persona, "mask") and 2nd House (values, possessions, material world, land, real estate). Expect a lot of MARS (aggression) directed at Israel during that time and over these particular issues. 

Expect ALL the leading US Presidential Candidates to put the pressure to Israel in regard to "Settlements" and Land issues during this transit.

The most dangerous time period during the entire Retrograde will be May 28-30, Memorial Day Weekend - Parshat Bechukotai) / Lag B'Omer, where Mars will be Retrograding over 29 Scorpio, the "Ultimate" / "Critical" Degree of Scorpio - the same Degree Mars will be in during "Super Tuesday"'s US Primary Elections.
29 Degrees Scorpio in America's 12th House is a recipe for deceit, possible election fraud, or G*d forbid violence or even death. The Parsha for the week of Super Tuesday is Vayakhel.


(Pictured: US Sibley Chart for 2016 Election Day with Transits, and Modern State of Israel's Natal Chart with Transits for 2016 US Election Day )

Monday, February 8, 2016


Bernie Sanders has practically eclipsed (no pun intended) Hillary Clinton with his performance in the Iowa Caucuses and now, on the eve of the New Hampshire Primary, is poised to become something previously unimaginable to any observer of American politics: the front runner for the Democratic Party's nomination for President of the United States of America.

The Democratic National Convention will be held July 25-28th of 2016 in Philadelphia. During that time, crucial aspects to both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton's natal charts are occurring.

(Note on the pictured charts: Bernie's birth time is unknown, therefore the Houses in which his planets fall are unknown. I'm using the 8:05am birth time for HRC, quoted by both her and her own mother, although there is controversy* and not every astrologer agrees on this birth time)

Looking at Bernie and Hillary Clinton's natal charts with Transits for July 25th, it's striking that both of them share a sensitive, compassionate Pisces Moon, as well as Mars in Fire signs (his in Aries, hers in Leo). Both portray themselves as "sensitive"to other, and as  "fighters", but they're stylistically different. Mars in Aries is "The Fighter". Mars here is in its home sign (Aries) and expresses itself as impulsive, spontaneous, energetic, courageous, belligerent, reckless, impatient.
Mars in Leo is dramatic, optimistic, self-confident, imperial, grand, theatrical, and extremely sensitive to criticism. Both Mars in Aries and Mars in Leo are "rescuers" of those they perceive as less advantaged or more needy than themselves. Mars in Aries can literally "ram themselves" (imagine the Ram's horns, the Ram being the Zodiac symbol of Aries) in the head, banging away over and over to make a point - think Bernie Sanders' now familiar litany about Corporate America, Wall Street, Campaign Finance Reform, etc. - he doesn't deviate from his message.

Unfortunately, Hillary's Mars in Leo at 14 Degrees is conjunct her natal Pluto in Leo, also at 14 Degrees. Mars/Pluto conjunction in Leo is MASSIVE POWER, MASSIVE CONTROL, and sorry to say, massive entitlement and hubris. It's a kind of "royalty" (Leo) expectation of power and control (Mars/Pluto) and it's an explosive combination - only her extremely tightly-wound stellenium in Scorpio (Mercury, Venus, Chiron and Sun) conspiring with her ultra-disciplined and ultra-aware of how the public perceives her Saturn in Leo that keeps her from exploding in public. She HAS "leaked" some of that massive, powerful stuff before, and it clearly scared folks - because, TRUTH: She's a woman; and if we were looking at a man's chart we might laud him for his toughness instead of suspecting him of being a power/control freak.

People accuse Hillary of being "secretive", and they're right. She's secretive and probably even paranoid - with good reason, because she's a target for the most vile GOP smears in history, AND because she's got an ultra-paranoid stellenium in Scorpio in her 12th House. SHE KEEPS SECRETS, maybe not because the content is so very confidential, but because she doesn't TRUST others (again, with good reason from every point of view!). Her Sun, the Asteroid Chiron (the "Wounded Healer"), and her planets Venus and Mercury are all in Scorpio, Venus/Chiron in Scorpio makes a big, hard Square to her natal Mars/Pluto conjunction in Leo: SECRET RELATIONSHIP "DEALS" BETWEEN LOVE AND AMBITION. This could be her played-out-in-public tolerance and (seeming) forgiveness of her husband's public betrayal as the price she realized she would have to pay to retain and grow her personal ambition and power. Again, nobody would think of criticizing a man for these kind of arrangements, and it's only fair to point out that her rival for the nomination, Bernie Sanders, has been divorced, fathered a child out of wedlock with a woman he never married, and remarried again after that. Nobody has yet to make those facts a reason why he isn't fit to govern at the highest level - but Hillary, being a woman, will have to 'splain and spin her "Stand By Your Man" relationship philosophy to a generation of women voters who would have kicked old Bill to the curbside for what he did.

Hillary's natal Jupiter is at 0 Degrees Sagittarius, in her 1st House. The general rule "A Planet is not established in a sign until it reaches 1 Degree" is very much at work here. Hillary SHOULD have been "lucky" (Jupiter in Sagittarius) but she missed it by a couple of inches every time. 1st House Jupiter keeps her in the public eye but not always for the best reasons. Her North Node at 23 Taurus conjunct her DC (7th House Cusp - the area of marriage and equal partnerships, legal matters, etc.) is a FATED law career (opposite her natal Mercury, her "Communicative Self" in Scorpio 12th House) which may have ultimately derailed because of secrets and secretive dealings (even when there's not necessarily anything to hide!) and a FATED marriage (North Node on 7th House Cusp), both of which were "supposed" to bring her security - but neither did, really. Her Vertex (the "Rabbit's Hole" of the natal chart, a la Alice in Wonderland) in Cancer in her 8th House tells of a woman whose instinct to nurture, care-take and possess (Cancer) is the "Rabbit's Hole" of her 8th House - sex, death, rebirth, reincarnation, SHARED RESOURCES, inheritances, in-laws, SHARED VALUES, and "intimate stuff you share with others"), the hole into which she always falls down. This could also indicate a morbid fear of poverty (which seems illogical considering how wealthy the Clintons are). But there's nothing "logical" about the Vertex, it's an irrational point on the chart which functions to illustrate the virtual Rabbit's Hole / Achille's Heel at work in one's life.

Not knowing Bernie Sanders' birth time is a distinct disadvantage in this discussion. However, looking at the placement of his natal planets, it's easy to see why "Democratic Socialism" took hold of young Bernie Sanders when it did.  His natal Pluto at 5 Leo and natal Chiron at 9 Leo are closely conjunct and his "Wounded Healer" (Chiron) was traumatized by the destructive power (Pluto) in Leo ("royalty", the upper/ruling class). He feels compelled to fight (Mars in Aries) for justice (Venus in Libra) and, like Hillary Clinton, has a powerful Stellenium, but in Virgo (hers is in Scorpio, as mentioned before). His Sun, North Node, Neptune and perhaps most importantly, his Mercury are all in Virgo. Bernie's Mercury is at 29 Virgo, and the 29th Degree of any sign is known to be the "Ultimate" or "Critical" degree. Mercury is his "Communicative Self", and as we've now all seen, he communicates with his 29th Degree of Virgo Mercury, which has analyzed umpteen million different facts, synthesized them, and spits them out as digested - "this is useful and therefore good, this is not useful, and therefore bad", and even destructive. Virgo's role is "borer", to separate, sift, analyze, and remove what is useful from what no longer serves.

Bernie is relentless and might be reckless (Mars in Aries) BUT all that Virgo puts the brakes on a bit  and forces him to run everything through his super-sharp analytic skill set. "Is it fair?" is the question he asks himself (Venus in Libra) when pondering an issue. Mars in Aries might vote for impulsive action, the stellenium in Virgo would check the impulse against Moon in Pisces (what does he feel/intuit about a decision) and Venus in Libra ("Is it Fair?").

Bernie's Saturn at 28 Taurus could be a hint of stubborn and dogmatic allegiance to a preconceived notion or belief in which he's already invested value. The most glaring example I can think of is how reluctant he was to believe the Department of Veteran's Affairs was as idealistic about its mission as he was. However, once scandal really was proven to him, nobody was more zealous about cleaning it up. As the New York Times put it: "Faith in Agency Clouded Bernie Sanders’s V.A. Response". That's a classic example of Saturn at 28 Taurus TRINE Mercury at 29 Virgo.

The NYT writes: "Mr. Sanders eventually changed course, becoming critical of the agency and ultimately joining with Senator John McCain, the Arizona Republican, and other colleagues to draft a bipartisan bill to try to fix the veterans health care waiting list. ... But a review of his record in the job also shows that in a moment of crisis, his deep-seated faith in the fundamental goodness of government blinded him, at least at first, to a dangerous breakdown in the one corner of it he was supposed to police. Despite inspector general reports dating back a decade that documented a growing problem with wait times, Mr. Sanders, who had served on the committee for six years before he became its head, was quick to defend the agency and slow to aggressively question V.A. officials and demand accountability."  Again - textbook rigid Saturn in stubborn Taurus supported by his analytic communicative self - because his birth time is unknown, it's useless to speculate in which House this phenomenon occurs, but it does. The political question becomes: is it scalable? Does this propensity towards loyalty to the ideal (ideological) at the expense of the pragmatic real (as Hillary's propensity towards secrecy, justified or not) reveal a reason why voters who now #FeelTheBern might eventually experience a #BernOut?

The Democratic National Convention will be held in Philadelphia on July 25-28th of this year. The Sun will be conjunct Bernie Sander's Pluto (transformative change) in Leo. The Moon will cross over his Mars in Aries on Monday, July 25th, giving him tremendous emotional energy. Jupiter in Virgo will trine the Moon's conjunction at 20 Taurus with his Black Moon Lilith - expansion and enlargement (Jupiter) of his profile with women (Moon, BML) and in Taurus, "Mother Earth" - environmentalism.

The Moon will then cross over Bernie's Saturn in Taurus on Wednesday, perhaps an indication of a solidifying structure and conjunct his Uranus at 0 Gemini on Thursday morning. Uranus at 0 Gemini is only 2 degrees from Saturn at 28 Taurus - this Saturn/Uranus conjunction is "The Grouch and the Anarchist", or "The Wise Old Man and The Fool". With the Moon directly on these pressure points, the emotional impact of his persona and his policies will challenge the Democratic Party's most fundamental and closely held identity perceptions.

Transiting Uranus at 24 Aries will conjunct Bernie's natal Mars at 23 Aries. This is EXPLOSIVE ENERGY - no other way to read Uranus/Mars in Aries transits! Will his campaign explode or implode? Transiting Mars in Scorpio adds even MORE energy (aggression?) as it makes hard Inconjunct (Quincunx or "Yod") to the Moon's conjunction of Saturn and Uranus. This aspect compels me to warn readers that it might also indicate, G*d forbid, extreme aggression against Sanders in the form of violence. Let's hope the "explosion" will be one of enthusiasm instead!

Transiting Chiron, the "Wounded Healer", will be exactly conjunct Bernie's Moon in Pisces at 24 degrees. He will be seen and perceived by his supporters as a compassionate, empathetic and willing to take extreme measures to heal the scars of injustice in our society, and by his detractors as the ultimate "Bleeding Heart Liberal". 

Transiting Jupiter at 20 Virgo will be conjunct Bernie's North Node, his karma or "Tikkun" point. Jupiter expands everything it touches. This is his moment. The Transiting North Node conjuncts his Sun at 13 Virgo! Destiny calls, and the call will be extremely LOUD. One way or another, Bernie Sanders is going to fulfill his destiny at the DNC. Either he'll become the nominee or he'll have forced a good portion of his agenda on Hillary Clinton, who will have to go far left in her campaign promises in order to compete with Sanders. Either way - it's his star time.

Transiting Chiron will be very close to Hillary Clinton's Moon in Pisces as well, and in her 4th House (home and family, domestic security) her image as a mother and grandmother may go a long way towards softening her hard reflection her self-defensive Scorpio stellenium causes. Letting herself be vulnerable (a risk for a woman in politics, as displays of emotion are usually used against them) might be a risk she's forced to take as the race comes down to the wire. Transiting Sun in Leo will Square Hillary's natal Sun in Scorpio AND her natal Asteroid Ceres in Taurus. If Hillary doesn't get into environmental advocacy well before the convention, she may be "exposed" by the Leo Sun as not caring enough about "Mother Earth".

During the beginning of the Convention, the Moon will conjunct Transiting Uranus at her natal asteroid Hades at 25 Aries. Unexpected "hell" may be abruptly (or embarrassingly) glimpsed and it may have something to do with a woman / women (Bill's other women?). Then the Moon will transit through Taurus, conjuncting her natal Ceres (the "good mother" and "proud grandmother" on display) and finally, her North Node at 23 Degrees Taurus, on the cusp of her 7th House. HER karmic / "Tikkun Point" gets hit by the transiting Moon during the Convention, just as Bernie's gets hit by transiting Jupiter. In her case, the Moon/North Node opposes her natal Mercury in Scorpio and she may choke on her words - or not be able to fully and deeply and thoroughly express herself the way she truly longs to - and in fact, MUST do, in order to win the nomination. Hillary Clinton  must overcome her reticence to show deep emotion and vulnerability to win trust - and yet to do so, she must overcome immense innate challenges. We'll see if she rises to the occasion - for if she does, and becomes the nominee, her acceptance speech (Mercury) might go down in history (Herstory!) as one of the most transcendent and meaningful moments in the history of American women.

Transiting Venus at 15 Leo will be conjunct Hillary's natal Pluto / Mars conjunction, HOPEFULLY "sweetening" any diabolical aspects of her power/control/entitlement issues - but the downside is that although Venus in Leo is "The Queen in her castle, Queen of all she surveys", that's NOT the image a "Progressive" Democrat will want to project to the public. 

If the 8:02am birth time for Hillary Clinton is right, Jupiter (good fortune, expansiveness) will be transiting her 10th House (her public persona, her business/vocation) in Virgo, as well as the transiting North Node. These two important transits of her 10th House is a powerful indication of good fortune and karmic "fated-ness" or destiny sweeping her away in full view of the public, but not without a fight. Mars at 29 Scorpio - the ultimate, critical degree of the most intense sign of the Zodiac - will conjunct her natal Jupiter at Zero Sagittarius. Remember the mention of her not-as-lucky-as-it-should-be Jupiter at the beginning of this missive? Mars comes in its most intense, passionate, focused, nuclear-powered form and if there's a metaphor for "pressing your luck", this is it.

So - what's going to happen in July? Bernie or Hillary?
I can't tell you that - what, am I a fortune teller? No way. I'm just delivering the astrological "weather report". As Bob Dylan said: "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows", but as I say: "You DO need an astrologer to know which way the Planets go". As we move throughout the Primary season and closer to the Democratic Nominating Convention in July, we'll keep our eyes on the skies (and the news) and bring periodic updates via this blog as well as our FACEBOOK PAGE (which was linked to our TWITTER ACCOUNT @Astrolojew during Mercury Retrograde, so there's a password issue).

With all disclaimers firmly in place, the lengthy analysis is offered to illustrate that both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are approaching the nomination with both an internal and external perception of "destiny". "Too Close to Call" because their intensity and commitment is equally matched. Sanders will give everything he's got to get there because he's swept up in the climax of a lifetime of idealism. Hillary Clinton will give everything she's got to get there because she's swept up in the climax of a lifetime of almost-but-not-quite. Neither are quitters. Both are prepared to go the last mile and beyond. Let's see what happens next!