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Monday, December 2, 2019

Jupiter in Capricorn: Don't Dream It. Be It.

Jupiter in Capricorn: Don't Dream It, Be It
It's time to say goodbye to #Jupiter (Tzedek), leaving his home sign of #Sagittarius and entering #Capricorn territory at 10:30am Pacific time today (do the math for your own time zone).

Now as everybody either knows or should know, Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius, so an entire year of Jupiter in Sag has been like a homecoming. A big, loud, raucous, expensive, over the top homecoming party with several bands and of course nobody’s parents at home. Nobody to tell you to clean up the mess.... until now. 

Everything is about to change as Jupiter enters Capricorn, a place its expansive self finds a little too restrictive for its abundant, over-the-top extra extra supersized self. Jupiter is about going big, expanding, bringing abundance, enlarging wisdom. But there’s a reason the zodiac is ordered the way it is. Now it’s time for all the expansiveness we’ve enjoyed over the last year to learn how to actually manifest in the real world. That’s what Capricorn is all about: it’s the Cardinal (initiating) Earth (manifestation) sign – it’s the sign of Initiating Manifestation. 

Capricorn makes things happen because they’re REAL things. Jupiter in Capricorn is about taking the grand and glorious ideas of Jupiter in Sagittarius and manifesting them in real time in the real world. It’s about building the changes we want to see in ourselves and this world. As Dr. Frankenfurter says in the Rocky Horror Picture Show: “Don’t dream it, be it!” Jupiter in Capricorn takes our dreams, the ones we dreamed for ourselves during Jupiter in Sagittarius, and applies them to concrete real life. Are they viable? Can they live outside our imagination? Jupiter in Capricorn will answer these questions, tachlis, bottom line. It’s not a feel-good position: Jupiter in Capricorn will not lie to you to make you feel better. Jupiter in Capricorn isn’t about giving everyone a gold star simply for trying hard. It’s about making dreams and ideas real, viable, sustainable, practical, and material. 

In Jewish astrology, Capricorn is G’di, the mountain goat, and is associated with the Tribe of Dan who fiercely guarded the borders of ancient Israel. Saturn (Shabbtai) is the ruling planet of Capricorn, and “borders” and “boundaries” are the function of Saturn/Capricorn. This is because in the era of classical astrology, Saturn was the furthest visible planet from earth and thought to guard the boundaries / borders of our solar system (this was before the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, of course). I dare say that Jupiter, with his function of expanding everything he touches, will also be expanding the concept of “borders” and “boundaries” in our own personal, individual lives (which will depend on the placement of Capricorn in our own individual natal charts). How Jupiter in Capricorn will play out on a global scale may also see an expansion in border security and boundaries between countries. 

Jupiter will make three conjunctions with Pluto during 2020. Each of these conjunctions hovers around the sensitive point of the Zodiac (22 degrees Capricorn) where the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January 2020 will occur These are the dates:

April 5th: Jupiter 24 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 24 Capricorn
June 30th: Jupiter 24 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 24 Capricorn
November 12th Jupiter 22 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 22 Capricorn

Jupiter = expansion, Pluto = raw power. It may be a gigantic power grab, or it may be the death or downfall of individuals or organizations which have blatantly abused power. 

This is all about Jupiter's journey to "THE GREAT CONJUNCTION" of Jupiter and Saturn at zero degrees Aquarius in December 2020. Everything Jupiter has to do on his way to that Great Conjunction will be HUGELY practical, GIGANTICALLY pragmatic, and IMMENSELY realistic. For the most inflated planet, this transit through Capricorn is all about deflating the hot air and revealing Jupiter's most tachlis gifts: growth (into maturity because Capricorn), wisdom (based on practical reality not dreams or imagination because Capricorn), and optimism (but not the wild kind: optimism based on an adult understanding of life rather than a child's untested desire for utopia). 

Jupiter in Capricorn: Don't dream it, be it!

Chodesh Kislev 5780: First Steps in the Maturation Process


"Mazal Keshet", the constellation / zodiac sign of Sagittarius, which is the Hebrew month of Kislev. From the Sefer Evronot, Pinchas ben Avraham Segal of Halberstadt, Germany 1716.
Chodesh Kislev (November 28 – December 27) is usually the most jovial of months, chiefly because Kislev’s ruling planet Jupiter (Tzedek) is connected to optimism, inspirational ideas, and hope. This year Kislev takes a turn towards the serious when Jupiter enters Saturn/Shabbtai-ruled Capricorn December 2, where he’ll be transiting until his conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius, the zodiac sign of the Jewish people, in December 2020. The Jupiter-Saturn “Great Conjunction” has been an important part of historic Jewish messianic speculation since the early Middle Ages. This year, Kislev 5780 marks the beginning of this significant planetary process climaxing in December 2020. Will it be “good for the Jews”? Only time will tell.

Kislev’s Tribe is Benyamin, portrayed on his flag as a ravening wolf on a rainbow background. Benyamin’s fierceness is focused on issues of unity and inclusion. His flag’s rainbow background incorporates the colors of all the Tribes, who unite as one in the Holy of Holies, located in Benyamin’s Tribal portion nestled within the larger Tribe of Yehuda, upon whose land the Holy Temple stood. The Full Moon in Gemini December 11 exposes multifaceted allegiances, the spiritual light of Chanukah which falls on the Winter Solstice December 21-22 pierces divisions, exposes sectarian biases, and illuminates the illusion of fragmentation. The Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Capricorn December 25 reveals where we may lack maturity, wisdom, patience, and endurance. These qualities must be integrated, or we will suffer the ill effects of immaturity, ignorance, and impatience, especially around issues of the resources we all share: this Earth and the environment we all have in common. 

Kislev with Jupiter in Capricorn this year inspires through introspection, the practical manifestation of abundance, the embodiment of dreams, and real-world modeling of good will, generosity, and idealism. These are Kislev’s gifts which keep on giving!