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Sunday, September 29, 2019

5780: Moving Into The "Pey" Decade: The Power of Our Mouth!

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New Moon in Libra, and the New Year on the Jewish Calendar is upon us, beginning Sunday night September 29th.

We're moving on from the "Ayin" decade (the 5770's) to the "Pey" decade (Taf Shin Pey = 5780).

The energy of the "Ayin" years was located in our eyes (Ayin): judging what we see. Have we spent these years seeing ourselves and others through an "Ayin Tovah" (a good eye) or G*d forbid, through an "Ayin Harah" (an evil eye)?

Now we come upon the "Pey" decade. The "Pey" is the mouth. The power to bless, to uplift, to build up, to encourage, to support, to teach and to positively connect with others is via our mouth. So is the power to curse, to tear down, to discourage, and to negatively impact ourselves and others located in the mouth.

For the Jewish People, the mouth of the "Pey" is related to the verse in Isaiah 41:14: “Do not fear, O worm Jacob, men of Israel. I am helping you,” says HaShem, and your Redeemer, Israel’s Holy One"

“Do not fear, O worm Jacob! Why is Israel compared to a worm? Just as a worm strikes the cedars only with its mouth—though soft, it strikes the hard—so Israel possesses only prayer, for the idolatrous nations are compared to cedars” (Tanḥuma, Beshallaḥ 9).

“Come and see: All nations of the world have been rendered to certain ruling archons, as has been said, and they follow their false gods, as is written: [For all the nations] will walk each in the name of its god (Micah 4:5)—all shedding blood, waging war, stealing, robbing, fornicating, mingling with numerous evildoings. They intensify their power to harass, while Israel has no power to overcome them except through its mouth—like a worm whose only power and strength lies in its mouth, by its mouth penetrating all. So Israel is called worm” (Zohar 1:178a).

Friends, I bless you in the Name of the G*d of Israel for a good year, a sweet year, a happy year, a healthy year, a year of abundance and plenty, a year of love and connectivity. I bless your mouth to have the power and strength to speak truth to power, to bless and not to curse, to uplift and not tear down, to build and not destroy. May your mouth be like the mouth of the worm and the power of prayer your mighty weapon. Shana Tova u'Metuka and may we all be signed, sealed and delivered!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Elul 5779: Helping Hands and Humble Hearts

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Virgo / Betulah, from a Hebrew medical text, Germany 1480 - 1500.
Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury (Kochav), Venus (Noga) and Mars (Ma’adin) as well as the Sun are arrayed like troops as befitting their tribal leader Gad, displaying good order and discipline during Chodesh Elul (August 31 – September 29). 

The practice of blowing the shofar every morning during Elul activates those troops like a spiritual call to arms! Betulah, the virgin, is prepared. She knows analysis and preparation is the foundation of every successful battle, and she has no intention of losing her war against the forces of disinformation and deceit.

It is during Elul which we say, “The king is in the field,” indicating the closeness and intimacy with our creator during this month traditionally dedicated to self-examination and repentance. 

Virgo’s prodigious analytic powers and insightful introspection are designed specifically to shine during this time of year. Her allies in sober sanity against the forces of chaos include Saturn (Shabbtai), stationing direct in structured, organized Capricorn on September 18. Saturn turns experience into maturity, and with maturity comes wisdom. As seasoned warriors in the war against spiritual darkness, we must pick and choose our battles and select our weapons wisely. The full moon in compassionate, empathetic Pisces on Friday, September 13, is a real-life opportunity to demonstrate humility and empathy. 

Extending a helping hand to those in need is good exercise for both heart and soul.

We journey together from ani l’dodi v’dodi li to preparing to crown “HaMelech” during the days between Tekufah Tishrei, the autumnal equinox September 23 and the new moon in Libra September 28. If we allow the shofar to blast holes in the hardened parts of our hearts, we’ll have done the heavy lifting of teshuva as we prepare to go into Rosh HaShanah 5780. May it be a year of blessings, revealed miracles and redemption!