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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Democratic Debate Tonight During Mercury Retrograde in Pisces = UH OH!

With the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn, Venus in fiery Aries, and Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, tonight's Democratic Debate should be SPARKY, and confusing.

Misinformation should be watched for very closely. If I were the campaign manager for any of the candidates I'd be drilling them hard on actual verifiable and demonstrable facts all day today.

Transiting Venus in Aries directly opposite Mayor Pete's natal Mars in Libra, and conjunct Bernie's Moon/Mars. Watch for sparring between those two, which inadvertently may strengthen Bloomberg's Venus-ruled Mars in Taurus.

Don't count Warren out yet. Though we don't know her birth time, her natal North Node at 23 Aries is hard-squared by the 2020 Capricorn Cluster (22-25 degrees), making 2020 her do-or-die year. Her biggest astrological problem is her Sun/Uranus conjunction at Zero degrees Cancer ("a planet is not established in a sign until it reaches 1 degree), making it nearly impossible to pin down who she REALLY is - we think we know her in some way, but she's not really "knowable" by the public. BUT her natal Jupiter is at 0 degrees Aquarius: the degree where the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of December 2020 takes place. Don't count "weird luck" out of the equation. 

Biden's Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio are all sextiled by the Capricorn Cluster, which normally is a supportive angle, and his natal Jupiter (his ruling planet because Sagittarius Rising) at 25 Cancer in his 8th House (things he shares with others including values, valuables, resources & intimacies) is opposed by the Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter Capricorn Cluster in his 2nd House (stuff that belongs to him). He literally believes he "owns" the nomination, and is increasingly shocked as days and weeks go by to find that he in fact, does not.

And Amy? Her Mars in Aries (like Bernie's) makes her a hardcore fighter, and going into the DNC nominating convention in July transiting Venus in Gemini will be conjunct her Sun/Moon/Mercury in Gemini and retrograde Mars in Aries will be conjunct her natal Mars, and her natal North Node at 21 Virgo is harmoniously trined with the Capricorn Cluster. She is having a Very Good Year and may end up in a powerful and advantageous position at the DNC. Of course we'll have to wait and see. First let's get through tonight's debate, and on to Super Tuesday & the rest of the primaries (Mercury Retrograde in Pisces on Super Tuesday - balloting MAY be an issue, as well as misinformation around exit polls - just sayin').

Amy Klobuchar's Natal Chart

Joe Biden's Natal Chart

Mike Bloomberg's Natal Chart

Pete Buttigieg's Natal Chart

Elizabeth Warren's Natal Chart (TIME UNKNOWN)
Bernie Sanders Natal Chart (Whole Sign)

Bernie Sanders - DNC Nominee?

Bernie Sanders: DNC Nominee?

During the DNC nominating convention in July, the transiting North Lunar Node (the "dragon's head", Rahu, or the T'li of the Sefer Yetzirah - meaning the theoretical mathematical point thought to indicate the karmic trajectory or tikkun point in a person's natal chart) will be conjunct Bernie's Parts of Fortune, his natal "Shefa Point" in his 8th House (things he shares with others: values, valuables, resources & intimacies). 

On election day the North Lunar Node will be conjunct his natal Jupiter in Gemini, also in his 8th House. North Node conjunct Jupiter in 8th House = "BIG WIN"... but....but....but....

It happens to be Bernie's natal Jupiter is very close to Trump's natal Sun in Gemini, so the North Node when making a conjunction to Bernie's Jupiter will also be conjunct Trump's Sun (and opposite his natal Moon in Sagittarius, which of course means the South Lunar Node will be conjunct his natal Moon). If they do end up running against each other that configuration will be a real live "Clash of the Titans", more so than any other candidate in the race.

I'm fairly confident about his Ascendant being Scorpio, though his birth time is in question, I'm holding with the astrologer who asked for, received, and recorded his birth time several decades ago. Scorpio Rising makes us look at Mars, the classical ruler of Scorpio, conjunct his Moon in fiery, combative Aries (that's why he's always yelling) in his 6th House, the place of "work", "service" and "unequal / hierarchical relationships" (such as employer/employee, pet/pet owner, etc.) Mars/Moon conjunction in Aries = an emotional (Moon) fighter (Mars) who fights for 6th House issues ("workers rights" is a very 6th House concept). Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio, is in Leo conjunct his Midheaven (the most public place in his chart). Pluto in Leo is a fighter as well - Trump has Pluto in Leo as does his whole generation (more or less from August 1938- August 1957). Both Bernie and Trump's Pluto in Leo placements make them "fighters" who roar like lions when they're on the attack - But Bernie's Pluto in Leo at his midheaven makes aggression his JOB, he's a "professional" (10th House) fighter, fighting for other people (that's his "job"/10th House as Senator) and Trump's Pluto AND Mars in Leo in the sign of his Ascendant makes him fight primarily for himself, fight in self-defense, fight to get what he wants for himself. 

Bernie and Trump are not that different in this sense: both have Fire Sign Mars placements (Trump in Leo, Bernie in Aries), both have strong Pluto placements in Leo, both have Mercury-ruled Sun Signs (Trump in Gemini, Bernie in Virgo), both have Fire Sign Moon placements (Trump in Sagittarius, Bernie in Aries). Trump's Leo Rising makes the Sun his ruling planet, greatly strengthening him. Bernie's Scorpio Rising makes Mars/Pluto his co-rulers; the conjunction of Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn this past January and the upcoming trifecta of Jupiter-Pluto Capricorn conjunctions during 2020 ALL make a harmonious, supportive and empowering Trine to Bernie's natal North Node (his "fate" or "destiny") in Virgo as well as to his natal Saturn in Taurus, and a hard Square, forcing decisive action, to his natal Mars/Moon conjunction in Aries. 

So like I said: clash of the Titans. But that won't happen unless Bernie is nominated, and the nominating convention in July happens during transiting Mars in Aries and transiting Jupiter and Pluto conjunct THE 2020 Capricorn Cluster Zone (22-25 degrees), with Saturn at 29 Capricorn - the ultimate degree. Bernie will literally have to fight his way to the nomination, and his opponent is the Status Quo - he'll have to beat the collective fears of the Democratic Party "powers that be" (which are an entirely different demographic than the actual voters) at the nominating convention, and that fight may be nasty. Stay tuned.

Pictured here: Bernie Sander's natal chart, whole signs method for easier viewing.