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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Egyptian Astrologer Warns The World: The Jews Are Gaining Power!

All sorts of hooplala going on out there in Internet Land right now regarding this video of Egyptian Astrologer Sayyed Al-Shimi which appeared on Al-Nahar TV explaining why the upcoming transit of the Planet Saturn though Sagittarius (scheduled for December 2014)  means that the Jews will be stronger.

What's funny, of course, is the timing of this video - corresponding to the time when we read in the Torah about the birth of Moses and how he becomes the deliverer of the Jewish People from Egypt.

You know there's a Midrash that says that the Egyptian Astrologers correctly predicted that Moses' downfall would come about through water - they just didn't get that it would be in G*d's time and G*d's way, with a water (from the rock he should have spoken to instead of struck) they never could have foreseen.

Saturn ("Shabtai" - "My Sabbath") is a Planet very closely associated with the Jewish People. Saturn typically transits through each Sign of the Zodiac for about 2 1/2 years. Right now Saturn is in Scorpio, a Sign traditionally associated with the Arab Nations. Saturn has been in Scorpio since early October, 2012.

Beginning in December 2014 until December 2017, Saturn will be transiting through Sagittarius. It's a very favorable position for us, in that it has a lot of energetic potential. 

One should not take Carte Blanche with the concept that Saturn in a Fire Sign is automatically good for the Jews. But I will make the following observation - from late April 1937 until the end of July 1939, Saturn was in the aggressive, Mars-Ruled Fire Sign of Aries. Those were the years that Hitler (y'mach sh'mo) and his Nazi Party had HUGE success not only in Germany but in Europe in general with their aggressive stance and their antisemitic rhetoric.

Hitler himself was very involved in the occult and employed astrologers. When Saturn made a hard conjunction to Hitler's natal Sun in Taurus, Hitler invaded Poland. It's still a mystery as to whether Hitler chose that time period because he knew it was a powerful energetic opportunity for him to exert his will over hundreds of thousands of people.

Most of the beginning of WWII happened when Saturn was in Taurus. It wasn't until May 1942 that Saturn entered the Air Sign of Gemini that things peaked (the Axis Powers had their biggest successes January - May 1942) and the war began to change direction.

The movements of the Planets does not CREATE circumstances and events as much as they REFLECT them.  Saturn''s transit through Mars/Pluto-ruled Scorpio has not been "good for the Jews." The combative, aggressive and hostile energies of Mars and Pluto move Saturn from mature to stubborn, rigid to ossified, structured to enmeshed and mired in the same-old, same-old. 

There are three Fire Signs - Cardinal/Initiating Fire Aries (ruled by Mars), Fixed/Establishing Fire Leo (ruled by the Sun), and Mutable/Transforming Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter). When Saturn is in any of these Fire Signs, Saturn's "tzimtzuming" energy (which is to constrict, create borders and boundaries, control) meets the energy of the ruling Planet of the Sign that Saturn is visiting.

The upcoming transit of Saturn through Sagittarius is a melding of the energies of Saturn ("Shabtai" - "My Sabbath") and Jupiter ("Tzedek" - from the word Tzadik, Righteous). It's a most profoundly auspicious time to wed the maturity and wisdom of Saturn with the fortuitous, positive, expansive and beneficent energy of Jupiter.

All the Saturn in Sagittarius transits of the previous Century (March 1897 thru the beginning of January, 1900, December 1926 - November 1929, April 1937 - July 1939, October 1956 - January 1959, November 1985 - February 1988) had the same Saturn the Sign of Jupiter energy, with different material world manifestations.

So what I have to reply to you, Mr. Egyptian Astrologer Sayyed Al-Shimi, is, like your Egyptian Astrologer predecessors who predicted a savior would arise who would meet his downfall through water, you're seeing something that you don't know how to perceive. Although you DO see that the upcoming Saturn in Sagittarius will be good for the Jews, tragically, because of the brainwashing you've received from your culture and your religion, you don't see just HOW GOOD something that's good for the Jews is also good for this WORLD. 

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